About Us

Reber is an electropop band composed of musician siblings Galatha and Golem.


Galatha started her musical education when she was still a puppy, and has performed as solo singer in many human choirs and howling packs. She has composed the soundtrack of a few movies. She is a natural born story-teller. As the errant she is, she has inhabited many parts of the Earth, preferably in the Northern Ice. She currently lives in the United States of America.


GolemGolem enjoys thinking and wondering about the real nature of all, and he is a virtuous guitar and bass player. Until he co-founded Reber, he performed as the "Alpha-Male" of several pop-rock bands in the last 12 turns around the Sun.


They founded Reber in 2011 and released their first album, Who Reads Future? in July 2012. They have also released the single Mad City in 2014 and their album The Future Maker in 2015.

Android Manifest

The figure of the Android is our bet for the future. Sooner or later we will live together with Androids, they will be our creation and we will have to extend to them our very same set of values, rights and duties, because they will be the children of our intellect.

If we fail to do it, we will commit the enormous injustice of discriminating beings that will only differ from us in the way they were primarily conceived and nurtured.

We will live with them and they will be different from us but, from a civil point of view, they will be our equals.