Mad City




You’re on a flight to a place called Mad
You see those lights: Madrid at night.

You land at Mad, pick up a cab
You’re lost, it’s late: Madrid at night.

Fraudes, vino, luces, tacos,
Gritos, torres, puentes, caos,

Polis, tapas, cacas, salmos,
Viento, baches, crisis, Rastro.

You walk alone those streets of dust
You feel so free: Madrid, your mind.

See smiles, hear cries, collective ones
Belong to here: Madrid, your mind.

Coches, porros, parkings, callos,
Bicis, metro, chicles, arcos,

Ecos, minis, moda, bancos,
Risas, fotos, buses, charcos.    

You never were yourself so much
It’s time to leave: Madrid, be back.

Your plane awaits, reversal tracks
Remember this: You will be back.

Pises, pulgas, humo, cacos,
Putas, pisos, sombras, Prado,

Viejos, razas, tiendas, ajos, 
Bares, cubos, libros, nardos,

Parques, gomas, voces, antros, 
Calles, manchas, toros, santos,

Perros, cartas, guiris, mancos,
Monjas, locos, noches, gatos.